Going Green

greenLooking after the environment and caring for our children’s future.. is a topic on everyone’s lips since the turn of the century. And the responsibility is not with our governments and institutions to improve things but the responsibility lies on our very own front door steps and buried in our daily habits. The biggest changes reducing our carbon footprint are obviously in the home.

Here are some quick tips to reduce your carbon footprint and minimize impact on the environment –

1. Go Solar – you live in one of the sunniest places on the planet. Harness those rays and put some pence back in your pocket.


2. Thermal heated hot water /  swimming pool. – yes the sun can heat your water with some basic upgrades to your plumbing.

3. Leave that gasoline in the pump and buy an electric car. With level2 fast chargers appearing on many street corners isn’t it hard to resist driving an electric car, save yourself thousands a year on gas and have a silent driving experience?  Hopefully your home has the electric fusebox in an easy location where your electrician can hook up the fast charger box for the car.

4. Improve wall insulation in your home.  Reduce those souring summer AC bills. Call out the insulation guys to blow in insulation to those outer walls. Thicken up the insulation in your loft space. Lets keep that cold air inside the house!

5. Relocate closer to your work to reduce the commute. Alleviate that 2 hour daily commute from home to office. Find a home that is close to your work that has a high walk score to all the amenities that you will need to visit on a daily basis.

green house6. Build an Eco friendly house. If you are a hard core environmentalist then not only are you an avid and active member of green peace but you are surely considering building an eco friendly house. Why would you do that? Well you would be considering a home design that is passive. Good layout design will incorporate passive air recovery systems to reduce heating and cooling bills, high efficiency insulation products, correct orientation of the home to be shaded from the sun in summer and take in the breeze if there is one. Low flow toilets and high efficiency water heaters to boot. Your new residence would surely have a car lift to enjoy up and over parking, yes reducing space would be a consideration for the green minded veteran as well. Of course you will want the latest glass that reduces incoming radiation from the sun and may even be self cleaning as well. You would have considered using fully sustainable and low impact materials for your house build. Your a wonderful human being. Wish there was more like you.

Some Companies that can help you lower your carbon footprint –

Solar   –   Kilowatt Solar   –   http://www.kilowattac.com  (818) 780 0701

American Solar Solution  –  www.americansolarsolution.com   (877) 946 8855

Titan Solar   –   www.titansolarco.com  (888) 397-8818

Blown In Wall Insulation   –  Everguard Home Insulation  –   (213) 337 9634

OJ Insulation   –   http://www.ojinc.com  (800) 675 1499

Eagle Home Insulation   –   http://www.eagleinsulation.com    (805) 962 7980

Sun Heated Hot Water   –   http://www.ecosunintegrated.com   (949)  502  7100

http://buildingdoctors.com   (877) 411  2534

http://www.suntreksolar.com   (800)  292  7648

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