A quick Biography. I grew up in the UK and spent most of my teen years playing in a celtic rock band. Next I went to college where I achieved my electrical engineering degree .

Barry Boyce Realtor

I set up a small electrical engineering company serving high end electrical and fire system design for commercial electrical contracts on M.O buildings.

I found my next passion when I transitioned into property renovation, restoring old period properties  giving worn out homes a second chance. I was always curious of how homes were constructed and I developed an appreciation for well constructed homes. I built my first 2000 square foot house when I was 25 years old. The U.K. entered recession around 2006 and my business, like so many others, took a hit. It was now time for me to grow spiritually..

I decided to take some time out. I went backpacking around South East Asia and Lived in Berlin for a time. While in Berlin I gained a good understanding of mid century minimalist living and the influence of the bauhaus movement upon minimalist designers of the time. I gained an understanding of how the people of the city made good use of space and furniture and how they would feel a sense of contentment even if they lived in a smaller space. I understood that good architecture and good design could make people feel, well, quite simply, happier. During my traveling I also learned through the unique ways people live, how they would relate to their environment, home and culture . My travel bug came to an end, I decided I would settle in the States. Great buildings and wonderful architecture was now all around me and I wanted to help people.

My first work in the states saw me set up a real estate investment company called ‘Click4homes‘.  The concept behind the company was to provide secure affordable accommodation to low income families. We bought many distressed properties from small banks and credit unions through the company, and through good design and well thought out remodeling we were able to give many struggling families an affordable but good standard of living. We  gave many dilapidated run down homes a second chance. The company is still growing strong.  I am very proud of the work we have done with Click4Homes and everyone that has been involved with the project.  My other passion that has grown since moving to Los Angeles is  modernism architecture.  In those early months when I first arrived I would spend many hours with a coffee in my hand getting lost amongst the neighborhoods of Hollywood just to observe all the truly eclectic mix of homes and how peoples lives would fit with each space. I understood that good design and great architecture could possibly make peoples lives happier, so I decided I would help people achieve this concept.  I truly found my calling with Los Angeles real estate.

Nothing gives me a greater feeling than understanding what a client wants, finding it for them and handing the new owner the keys to their new home – a job well done. That’s what this is all about for me. This is truly a dream job for me and I always look forward to meeting my next client and learning what is going to work for them.