Hipster lifestyle Home on a modest Income – 7610 Navarro Pl. Austin Texas

Hipster lifestyle Home on a modest Income

With my job I get around. As an ex resident of East Berlin my artistic side sometimes needs replenishing. Always scouting out new possibilities outside of the box and looking for the next hot city, I thought I would try something new this year. This fall took me to Austin Texas.

The goal here was to find a high standard home, in a city that is happening and hip, has some kind of art scene, acknowledges peoples freedoms of expression and right to a comfortable life, all with a max budget of $200,000 to buy into said colorful lifestyle.  I also wanted a city that is increasing steadily in value. I heard from my silverlake homeys that 2 cities would provide such prerequisites. Portland Oregon and Austin Texas.

On researching Portland it is attractive. Naked cyclists, micro brewerys on every corner, wonderful celebration of indie picture houses, it was magnetic to say the least and had me 1 click away from booking that flight out there. But wait a minute. Being a brit who fled to the sates in search of warmer weather would leave a margin of question for Portlands rainier weather so I took a look at Austin. Great music scene, hipster community, movie and art festivals, a preservation of citizens rights, no income tax, and bang for buck, I am surely at my searches end. With a population of 2million peeps it is surely just the right size of city for the artistic hipster. Not so big that you are stuck in endless traffic to go and buy a pint of milk, but not so small that you dwell in your hamlet riga mortice lifestyle. A few phone calls and a flight later I arrived in Austin.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Tree lined streets, people out jogging, dog walkers, peeps lounging in open bars. Yes. I like. My favorite places were the endless chain of juicing stores. A must have on the hipster needs list- Feel good from the inside first. The CBD and the central city boasted some really wonderful cuisine fusion places to eat. Nice new interpretations and spins on what other cities offer as staple. I found my pallet would never default to a subway lunch in Austin. The later evenings took me too some cool bars down on 6th street. The crowd of young cutting edge professionals and artists dining and conversing is a colorful night out, bar staff with the odd circus mustache, for a moment there I thought I was back in Silverlake. But this is somewhere just a little friendlier, this is Austin.

Now the burning question, what home can I get for my money in Austin? I met my colleague counterpart Mike in the later part of the morning. A couple of viewings in at the 190 range in the northern end of the city and things looked promising.  Mike suggested focusing on the southern side of downtown close to Mopac freeway/ sunset valley area. He felt the area is stronger and would serve us for a close commute to downtown and the convenience of the local restaurants and businesses.

We looked at 10 homes that day. What great bang for buck! Homes that would cost close to 9 hundred thousand or a million in Silverlake would surely be listed at 2 to 2 and a half hundred in Austin.

I settled on this cute ranch house at the top of my list. Turn key home, fully refurbished. 3beds, 2bath with gourmet kitchen, stainless appliances, new hardwood floors, double garage and central AC. Wonderfully located close to whole foods and mopac. –

7610 Navarro pl. Austin Texas 78749 – Currently listed at $199,900



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If you are interested in viewing this home for sale, or if you are interested in discussing any other out of state alternative property ideas, feel free to contact Barry Boyce today.