Moats for Modern Homes

Its wonderful when architects incorporate these water “moats” into the interior of the home from the outside. Maybe they flow under the house. I have seen some of John Lautners examples using this concept and it works wonderfully.
It brings the outside world in and creates a sense of unity between the building and the grounds it is sited on.
I really like this idea : )

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Once upon a time, moats were a safety measure to dissuade outsiders from approach.  These days, most people are content to rely on alarm systems for protection of their property and some might even call a moat a safety hazard.  But if you have the space and inclination, it makes for a great house feature!

Though some may have tried swimming across moats — generally unsuccessfully — in the past, many modern moats double as a pool.  Though I do have a pool, I would love if this home were in my neighbourhood and I could make friends with the owners.

The entire house does not need to be surrounded by water to produce dramatic impact.  Many, in fact, cut through court yards or gardens, leaving at least one main entry away from the water.

Rather than drawbridges, consider great pathways to cross the water: glass walkways, “floating” stones, gently…

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