Eco Freindly Designer Home – 2406 Silver Ridge -SilverLake

My open house at 2406 SilverRidge went well yesterday. This was a treat for me as I can’t help but study the thought process behind newer built designer homes. This property built in 2007 is a wonderful example of practical thinking with good design flow throughout the home.


this home Interior designed by Lori Dennis,  won the California homes ASID green eco award in 2008 for its reduced environmental impact through style and design.

IMG_0270The home has a open floor plan and which utilizes positive air recovery throughout the living space which reduces the need for air conditioning.  As with most new homes, improved wall and ceiling insulation utility reduces ones need to have hvac constantly running. It was a sweltering 90 degrees in silver lake during my open house yesterday and we had the ac running for only the first half an hour of the 3 hours of the open house. This was adequate for our cooling needs.


Another point that struck me about the home was the floor plan between floors. The home planning architect had used good environmental awareness when deciding how to situate this home on the hillside. The house may appear from the outside to be cubed in shape situating itself on this downward slope, but on the inside of the residence each floor is toothed out to respect the grade of the hillside; (larger floor area at the top floor reducing in floor area towards the lower floors).

IMG_0269I believe the architect reduced the impact of the build and reduced excavation of earth which produces tons of carbon to move and relocate, a common problem facing all hillside home builds. This home does not impose itself on the hillside.


Now for the actual utility of the space in the home. This home is stunning inside. High end finishes and fine workmanship are abundant throughout. Bamboo floors, mosaic tile bathrooms, state of the art chefs kitchen. Only the finest materials are used in this space. A great advantage for the resident of this space is the floor to floor intercom. Just push and talk.


Lastly there is that inspiring view from the balcony.  The perfect justification for a well thought out, well designed home.

IMG_0265IMG_0246 IMG_0247   IMG_0251  IMG_0253 IMG_0249 IMG_0255  IMG_0257 IMG_0259 IMG_0260 IMG_0261 IMG_0262    IMG_0266

2406 Silver Ridge List; $1,395,000

2Bed, 3 Bath, 2497 sq ft