some more wonderful Richard Neutra Gems to be found in our loved city

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By David J. Barboza

One of the greatest things about delving into the history of Los Angeles is finding out about amazing places that were hiding right under your nose. After four years at UCLA, I thought I knew a lot about the blocks of apartment buildings in the western part of Westwood (north of Wilshire Boulevard and east of Veteran Avenue). After all, it’s hard to forget the first place you ever lived on your own. As it turns out, those hilly, windy streets are like a net that has swept up some great Modern architecture that I was only vaguely aware of, especially by master architects Richard J. Neutra and John Lautner (fun fact: Lautner designed the Sheets-Goldstein house, which appeared in the cult classic, The Big Lebowski).

SurveyLA expects to start survey work in Westwood in Fall 2013, so for this post I’ll be drawing…

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