It is important that a mid century modern home has a focal point in the room.
What better piece of fixed furniture than a well designed fireplace..



Ok, I will happily admit it…I am an addict. I could spend hours staring at picture of mid century modern houses. They are my porn, and I must check myself regularly to make sure I keep this obsession healthy and in moderation.

I struggle.

This year we are making a start on our home extension. We have lived in our current home coming up three years, and the extension has been on the agenda for a while. The problem is, every time we get a nice wad of money in the bank, we go on holiday (California, you have my heart but you stole my bank balance). This year, the extension is going up, and we are holidaying on the Isle of Wight.

Although our home already has a good-sized living room, it doesn’t have one big cosy space. I’ve always been in love with the idea of a den…

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