2466 Inverness Ave – For the Most Discerning Family

ANOTHER MID CEN MOD CINE HOMEToday my wife and I had the pleasure to visit 2466 Inverness Ave, located in the Los Feliz area of Los angeles. A 2200sq ft 3bed 3bath modernist styled home.
On first driving up to the house one is capitulated by the beautifully tree lined streets. If you squinted your eyes for a moment you would be forgiven for mistaking this area for a quaint area of north west London. This is a calming alternative to the urban-ism of Los Angeles and beyond. I am hoping this home will have the power to enhance my relationship between myself and my new found fondness of these tree lined streets.


We arrived at the house. First impressions, excellent curb appeal. The house sits on a corner lot and looks pride of place slightly elevated from the road with its swooping drive way and inviting front entrance. I am a big fan of well done mid century modern architecture and this 1963 example, was built as a great testament to the style of the period. I like the clean lines from the outside of this building and the extended double length window which spans the length of the stairwell -(pictured)

The entry way, all though modest in size is a good introduction to the aesthetics of the rest of the house, with a stone step stair way and pebble rock feature in the lower stair void to boot. The ground floor of the home feels as though the designer had utility in mind rather than making any architectural statements. The kind of place you send your “I shouldn’t have had that last bourbon – I better stay the night” guests. It has a modest bedroom and nicely remodeled bathroom with exit way to a small courtyard lined with bamboo. Here you can also find the 3 AC units for the premises. They look a little overkill to me but at least you know you got it covered on those scorching summer days. 2nd Floor on up the stairs is where you are greeted with the real elegance this home has to offer. The original hard floors are delightful, with such details as hand shaped wooden slats that lock around the air boots in the floor. You can feel the builders of this home had taken extra care for the details

IMG_1830The aluminum floor to ceiling window reveals look like a later update, not an original detail to 1965 but in keeping with the style of the home and functional, a good testament to modernist style. The open plan of the living area has the modernist flow with a quirky 60’s feel, open flow from hallway to lounge around an usual L shaped partition is a good use of space and offers some privacy for those movie watching moments. The views from the lounge windows provide framed and engaging views of the red-wood lined street below, another example of the well thought out design this home offers. The designer had thought out the position of the house on its lot rather well.  The Kitchen – This was my favorite room of the house. The cabinetry is superb. In built sub zero, with matching cupboard doors are exquisite, a natural and ergonomic feel to this room, a great use of space.

IMG_1824 Bedrooms- The bedrooms are pleasant and well sized for a mid sized family to enjoy, each one with its own well remodeled en-suite. The outside entertaining area is fun and inviting with steps to explore that run up from the deck yard area to hills side gardens above.
IMG_1829This house would suite a conservative family that would value quality of the building and finish over additional mediocre accessories. The building is generous and endowed with moments of true craftsmanship.  The price tag of $1,425,000 is absolutely a steal for this home and I would recommend this home to any growing family who wish to build warm memories of a family nest that was kept through generations.

For more info on this home and other architectural and  mid century modern homes contact Barry Boyce (323) 247 1699  boycehomes@yahoo.com   Barry Boyce specializes in Mid century Modern and architectural home sales in the Hollywood, West hollywood, Silverlake, Los Feliz areas of Los Angleles.



The wooden floor air boot detail. Excellent..

IMG_1826 IMG_1827

The overkill on the AC unit, probably around 8ton of raw ac for 2200 sq ft…

IMG_1828   IMG_1831



stone step stairway


void under stair space utilized with stone feature..