Burbs Guide – Hollywood

LADY HOUSEsuburbGeography-  The Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles, CA is nestled in part of the eastern section of the Santa Monica Mountains, which extends south to north from the Los Feliz District and Hollywood to the south side of the San Fernando Valley and westward to Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu and Pacific Palisades. The Hollywood Hills form the north barrier of the Los Angeles Basin. It is bound by Crescent Heights on the West, Vermont Avenue on the East, Mulholland Drive (Griffith Park) on the North, and Melrose Avenue on the south.
Since the 1920s, there has been extensive residential development in the Hollywood Hills. The most famous part of the Hollywood Hills is the area above the Sunset Strip. This area is home to the highest concentration of celebrities in Los Angeles. High-profile residents enjoy privacy and the best views in Los Angeles.
Hollywood Hills includes the neighborhoods Beachwood Canyon, home to the Hollywood Sign (HOLLYWOODLAND), Cahuenga Pass, Franklin Village, Hollywood Heights, Hollywood Dell, Outpost Estates, Whitley Heights and Runyon Canyon.

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

LifeStyle- hollywood burbs. Beachwood Canyon is located in the middle north section of the Hollywood area. It is nestled along Beachwood Drive from the Hollywood sign to Franklin Avenue. Beachwood Canyon is stretches over to Hollywood dell on the east side and the 90068 zip code is generally bordered by the 101 freeway.  The views from Beachwood Canyon are stunning. Residents can hike the six sets of stairs built in the 1920’s and on into the canyon trails and through to Lake Hollywood. The canyons provide privacy from the hustling city below, making the neighborhood tick at a slower pace. Beachwood Canyon is a good example of the cool laid-back Californian lifestyle.

Modern Home for sale– Hollywood Hills

Franklin Village- is a small area towards the lower part of beachwood canyon. It contains some charming craftsman homes and has a small strip of bars and restaurants. It provides a laid back collection of bars and restaurants all within walking distance of one another.  If you like a bar hopping this place is ideal without killing your wallet on cab fairs and only a short walk from the hustle of Hollywood Blvd. There is also a cool little book and record shop here. If you like comedy you can go along and watch the improv at the UCB, but get there early as seats are limited.
Birds, Bourgeois Pig, La Poubelle, are also great places to sit and eat and watch the world go by. Hollywood Heights is a neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California, bordered by Highland Avenue, Franklin Avenue, the Cauhenga blvd. Hollywood Heights is a short drive from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. Access is generally by outpost drive coming north from Franklin, or from Cahuengha on the east side of the heights.  It is a secluded retreat away from the chaos of city life. There are some wonderful views of downtown, the valley and hollywood to be aforded to the lucky residents of this area.

Mid Century house for sale – Hollywood Hills

Architcture – Much of Hollywood was built during the 1920’s in the Hollywoodland boom.

mid century modern home with walls of glass and a pool

Hollywood is privy to some fine examples of mock tudor, period and wattle and dorb render style homes. Also found here are some preserved hidden gem examples of 50’s century modern style homes, English and French styles and some high end architectural located to the higher points of the Hollywood canyons. One of the old original silent picture houses still remains today in Beachwood canyon where you can go and enjoy a night of music on select days. The steeper hillside homes have limited back yard usage but make up with wonderful views of the city and canyons below. Hidden gems by architects such as Richard Neutra, Lautner Cajones, Jack Cofer and Richard Banta, to name a few, can be found in these Hollywood hills. I had the pleasure of visiting this home by Pierre Konig recently. He designed it so it would look like a cube floating on the side of the cliff. It is canterlevered out from the roadside and sits on one steel post out at the cliff edge. The cage underneath the house contains the ac unit system for the house.