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LADY HOUSEsuburbGeography- Between the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Silver Lake and Echo Park, and just beyond Hollywood sits the historic neighborhood of Los Feliz aka Rancho Los Feliz. Los Feliz Village, as many call it, is bordered south by Hollywood Boulevard, southwest by Hyperion Avenue, north by Griffith Park, the Los Angeles River on the east and Western Avenue on the west, Los Feliz “Village” is the perfect location. Freeway access is easy. Los Feliz lies between the Hollywood and Golden State Freeways. Downtown Los Angeles is about a 15-minute drive away; the Westside is about 30 minutes away.
Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA

A Quick history – Los Feliz is one of the last old neighborhoods of Los Angeles that has always retained its integrity.The 6,647-acre Rancho Los Feliz was one of the first land grants in California. The property was granted to Corporal José Vicente Feliz, who the area has since been named after. Los Feliz has been home to many movie production studios .

Vista Theater

Los Feliz is well known to be one of the most exclusive and expensive areas in Los Angeles, but is also one of the more prestigious areas around L.A.. After being featured in “Swingers” in 1996 the popularity of Los Feliz surged among artists, musicians and the hipsters. The neighborhood has historically been home to movie stars, musicians, other assorted members of the glitterati, and members of the Hollywood elite,” .

Celebs – Los feliz has been home to many A list celebs such as Madonna, Gwen, and Leonardo spending time here. Our celebrity neighbors have also included, Natalie Portman, Chili Peoppers Flea and Anthony Kiedis , Kirstie Alley, Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt, Mandy Moore, Eddie Van Halen, Valerie Bertinelli, Beck, Gavin Rossdale and so many more.

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Architecture – Most Los Feliz houses were built in the earlier part of the twentieth century and more than half of the housing stock is of the Spanish or Mediterranean styles. These styles are very popular California housing styles—and they command premium prices. Los Feliz also is rich in virtually all of the other revival styles: French, Mock Country English, and Colonial. If you are looking for a  vintage revival style house, Los Feliz is the place to look. Not to be overlooked are the fine century modern  houses which are sprinkled through the Los Feliz hills. Famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, American Austrian architect Richard Neutra’s Lovelle House, Rudolph Schindler’s Samuel Skolnik house, and Raphael Soriano’s gogol and schrage houses are all located in the area. Other architectural examples by Wallace Neff and Paul Williams are located here. Los Feliz hosts some wonderful non residential buildings here, one of the most famous being the Griffith observatory. Fine examples of Frank Lloyd Wrights Ellen House, Sowden House, Residence A, and Hollyhock house are located in this part of the city;

The Mayan inspired Hollyhock house was names after the hollyhock flower and now the gardens around the house are home to a large collection of the beautiful flower.

Bars & Restaurants – Los Feliz village is home to numerous restaurants and bars. They are mostly located on Hillhurst between Los Feliz Boulevard and Prospect Avenue, and on Vermont between Franklin Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. Poets, artists, writers, hipsters, scenesters and other creative types flock to the area.Some of the more favored places to eat– Quick-Tips – for great pizza;  Little Doms 2128 Hillhurst Ave – To grab a Parisian inspired lunch and people watch; Figaro Bistro at 1802 N Vermont Ave, A great Hamburger; Mess Hall at 4500 Los Feliz Blvd , and if you just want a quick taco on the go; the best fish taco in ensenada; 1650 Hillhurst Ave has superb fish tacos. Tangier Korean barbecue; 2138 Hillhurst Ave is good if you have an appetite.  The famous and swanky Dresden Room 1760 N Vermont is the place to go if you want loose yourself in an evening of music and bar life and is one of my favorite bars in the city and you should also consider it for a lunch.