El Centrino Drive Home by Lorcan O’Herlihy

Today I was lucky enough to be invited to the O’herlihy home in the East hollywood hills, 2250 El Centrino Drive . A home primarily built in the 1940’s but updated and extended with a second floor by the Architect Lorcan O’herlihy  in recent years.

LADY HOUSEThe driveway to the residence is a steep almost 1/1 slope and one might worry that to park your car for extended lengths of time could cause a parking brake failure or transmission slip, but once I wound my way up through the pathway of trees , i was greeted with a mouth watering surprise, all parking headaches are forgiven.  This residence is truly wonderful.

You could really feel O’Herlihy  had thought out the use of shrubs and trees and how the flow of landscape would work with the home. The infinity pool and spa is a gracious touch, underlining the hollywood view, case and point, with no argument from the hustling city below. The home nestled among the foliage, is epic. . The sweeping curves of the house outer walls and the serenity of the tree lined view makes you feel  if one was to listen hard enough you would hear echoes of the ching of wine glasses from mid 60’s swagger pool parties . I had to take a wander inside…

Interior – The first room to the home is a simple entertaining room framing the views which led me through to the kitchen. One thing that always demonstrates the personality of a home for me is when you see a kitchen that is unique, functional and proportionate to the house size. This kitchen was exactly this, with its monolithic black faced appliances and counter tops and functional layout, I had to continue on through the house. The first bathroom is an exquisite example of travertine and glass, and again O’Herlihy did not let us down in any of the details. The bedrooms and walk ins in the 1940’s part of the house are good examples of mid century modern layouts, and you could see the challenges for O’Herlihy as they fused the new post millennium addition to the mid century modern part of the house. Up the clever addition hardwood staircase into the new addition of the house, out on to the sweeping balcony and one gets the breeze of the serene view once again.

I like this house. I feel if Maralyn Monroe were still alive today, she would be living at 2250 El Centrino Drive. Here are some pics-5

someone left a bag behind. I wonder what’s inside it6 8

great use of landscaping9 10 11 12

the sweeping walls of the addition with sun defuser to keep the rooms cool in summer2 3 4

this home is available for rent $9,950 per month. Contact Barry Boyce today if you would like to visit the home.