Historical Homes in Los Angeles

My colleagues from our office and I drove out to some ‘open house’ presented homes yesterday in the Silver Lake hills.

We had an absolute blast visiting those modern architectural homes.

My favorite part of the day was cruising the historical Angelino Heights area of Echo Park and visiting a listing by Aimee Benell, a historical home at 843 E. Kensington Road (pictured above).

This was a rare treat for me because i have an infatuation with historical homes and restorations. i restored a few pieces myself through my love of architecture and history.

I thought i had seen it all in Los Angeles from the broad range of homes designed to cater for every architectural taste and indulgence you can think off, but our trip to Angelino Heights was a real treat for me.

This historical area is the finest display of well maintained and ornately painted Victorian period homes you can see in your life without heading to Europe! and these words are coming from the lips of a long time resident of Europe.

Most of the homes are native and original to this area but a proportion of them have been relocated from other areas, and what a wonderful final resting place for a Victorian home in the area of Angelino Heights. I ponder on how you would transport a 2000 square foot home across a city? Another interesting fact i learned is that most of these homes were constructed using redwood, and unfortunately for termites, they have no appetite for redwood.

A few years back i bought and restored a home in Indiana that was built in 1880 by a railroad owner.  Another long time resident was a congress women. The history and narrative of these homes is what makes them special. There is a lot of joy and pride to be had in restoring an old home and preserving its character. Although I suppose you could just buy one that’s been through the restoration mill all-ready without sacrificing your wallet and your soul.


Here is a pic of the home I restored in Indiana;

if you have a spare afternoon  in L.A., take a detour drive around Angelino Hights or better still visit the open house here  listing

2 thoughts on “Historical Homes in Los Angeles

  1. Hey thanks for the comment. I love all aspects of real estate, and I never get tired of being inspired by buildings and architecture from the past or the present. See you on the next post.


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